The Guardians of Enoch

Book One - Dragonfaerie

Will Englewood, a fifteen year old boy, saw his infant brother kidnapped by something that should not exist. Ten years later, the creature has come back for him.

Will now finds himself in a world of exotic creatures, treacherous landscapes, and dangerous men, all of which seem determined to kill him. Allying himself with Anlia, a young warioress, and McBride, the wise-cracking magician's apprentice, his only chance of salvation lies with one of the guardians of the land in which he now finds himself: the Dragonfaerie.

Before his journey is over, Will must deal with the darkness of his own soul and decide whether to return to his own world or stay and help his friends in a world tearing itself apart.

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The Search for Erebaea

Book One - The Land That Holds Down the Sky

Siblings Hope and Dillon have been watching their mother slowly succumb to the ravagings of cancer. When they overhear that she only has weeks to live, they decide to take matters into their own hands and ssearch for the cure.

Joining them on their quest is MacTavish, the kilt-wearing ferret captian of the airship, Iolair, and Kleine, the hedgehog engineer who keeps the dirigible running. With one-half of an ancient map and the rhyme of a sage, the quadro set out to find Erebaea, the Land That Holds Down the Sky.

They soon discover, however, that others are seeking the lost continent as well for their own nefarious purposes. Can Hope and Dillon find Erebaea and the cure before the giant cockatoo Goliath Aratoo and his mysterious employer, the crab Baron Karkinos?

Planned Release Date: March 1, 2016